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Support & Maintenance

Websites Support & Maintenance

Website support is a prerequisite of its effectiveness. Website support will help make the site as effective online resource, which can attract new customers, strengthen the company's image and raise the level of sales.

Therefore, technical support is an important point for any website owner.
During the websites maintenance process we do the following works:
  • Performance analysis of the website
  • Optimization analysis of the website
  • Website security analysis
  • Backup
  • Troubleshooting

Website backup - this is not a luxury, but just a precaution. Failure of server or clicking of incorrect button in the website control panel may be a cause of the loss of information provided on this site, unavailability of individual web pages, and even the loss of whole resource completely. Restoring of the website would be expensive and time consuming.

Website support and maintenance is closely allied with a permanent solving of the technical issues and the rapid troubleshooting. Website support and maintenance services are profitable for companies, which don't have the technical specialists. Before-the-fact prevention in the present will help to avoid serious problems with the website in the future.

Upon completion of the analytical process we will prepare a technical report, including:
  • Evaluation of the website performance
  • Evaluation of the website security
  • Results of the search optimization
  • Recommended Updates
Website maintenance is a task that requires knowledge not of a single specialist, so is better to entrust website maintenance to company with specialists in different fields related to the websites maintenance and support.