Database Integration

Database Integration

A database driven website is a website that has most of its webpages content in a database. Therefore, the website content isn't actually sitting in files on the server, it is sitting in tables and columns in a database.

Some types of information can be displayed on a static Web site, and if you have a small amount of information, a static page can be the easiest way to to display it. But if you have a large amount of information, or you want to display the same elements in multiple places, a database makes it much easier.

Your business may already have a database of information and you'd like to make it searchable on your web site. Or, your web site is collecting valuable user information every day and you want to download it directly into your current database.

We can help you to integrate your database into web-site. Or our programmers will develop a new database solution for your web-site (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL).

We can also design an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface (Content Management System, CMS) so you can easily maintain the data yourself using simple online forms from any web browser.