Network Support & Maintenance

Network Support & Maintenance

Network Maintenance - it's the set of services aimed to maintaining performance of the network infrastructure.

In order to determine the condition of the local network, whether you want to configure it or not, at the beginning of our cooperation we perform the audit of the network infrastructure. The results of the audit is a report that lists all the identified issues, the negative effects of these issues and ways to solve them. Further, if an audit revealed problems, we proceed to configuring the network.

Configuring and maintenance of the network infrastructure is required in almost any company. Our specialists have the deep knowledge in modern network technologies, are certified by vendors such as Cisco, Hewllet-Packard, Microsoft, and have rich experience in maintaining networks of any architecture and complexity.

Advantages of the Network Maintenance in our company

  • Professionalism. Your network is maintained by specialists who primarily know how to avoid the problems appearance in your network, and secondly - how to solve problems when they appeared.
  • Scalability. You hire a team of specialists in all modern networking technologies. We provide the support of the networks almost any size and complexity.
  • Economic benefit. You save on the amount of monthly payments, taxes, the cost of workplace.
  • Documentation. Actual state, the settings of your equipment, schemes and reports is always available.

Service Description

We provide the network infrastructure maintenance on a regular basis. According to the agreed schedule our network engineers go out to you and perform all necessary maintenance tasks on the network.
Network infrastructure maintenance includes the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of active network equipment
  • Configuring the Internet access, communication between the offices
  • Analysis and configuring of the network performance
  • Analysis and configuring of the network security
  • Tracking and installing of the system updates
  • Documenting the initial state and modifications in the network infrastructure
Support of the network infrastructure is closely associated with support of the whole IT infrastructure of the company. We recommend you to pay attention to our related services.
  • Computers Support & Maintenance
  • Website Support & Maintenance
Together they can provide a really effective use of IT technologies in your company.